The ISA European Finals will be taking placed at Dialed which will be back at Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool for a third year! With hundreds of riders in attendance last year its sure to be another great day at the UK’s biggest skatepark. The contest will consist of a Pro comp and an Am comp as well as some street battles, pre registration is required if you wish to compete.

Register to compete

Dialed will be taking place at Rampworx Skatepark on 20th May 2017! If you wish to compete you must pre register. Registration on the day will not be possible!

Safety First

Rampworx Skatepark has a very strict door policy when it comes to using helmets. You must wear a helmet if you are planning on riding your scooter in the skatepark.

Pro Comp – ISA European Final

(Requires ISA qualification)
The top 10 riders will secure a place into the ISA World Championship which is being hosted at Extreme Barcelona. 2 runs of 60 seconds.

Archie ColeDrone
Bart Oskroba
Charley DysonMADD Gear
Christian JensenAO Scooters
Connor Lafferty
Corentin Labrador
Daan Melis
Dante Hutchinson
David SenkyrGrit , Gizmania
Dexter WilliamsSNS
Dominik SalcherAO Scooters, Sports&Trends
Felix PercivalSacrifice Scooters
Indy ClaysonMGP, Rampworx, Drone
Jack WilliamsAO Scooters, Rampworx
Jamie AddisonGrit scooters , The scooter farm
Jamie HullMADD Gear
Jordan Clark (2015 ISA World Champion)Grit Scooters
Jordan HallMADD Gear, ID2 Clothing
Krystof Pikner
Leo SpencerSacrifice Scooters
Lewis WilliamsCrisp
Maciek Pietras
Maciek PietrasMADD Gear
Malte Blum
Marcus Romose
Marek Mottl
Mason LeonardiPhoenix Scooters
Mathias Skjeldal
Michael Skretting
Moray Nicolas
Morgan Peake
Moritz Pröll
Niklas Wellendorf
Oscar Storm
Rayan Jimenez
Simon JensenAJ Scooters
Sten Magnus
Teodor Simacek
Richard Zelinka
Tim KöhlerAO Scooters
Timon Kunze
Tobias Mayer
Tobias Salge
Charlie Lawlor
Oscar StormAJ Scooters

Register here.

AM Comp

Contest is open to everyone to battle it out for the title of best Am rider in Europe! Sponsors will be on the look out for riders.
You must buy a ticket for registration to be valid.

Alex RobertsDivishion co
Alfie Mahoney
Alfie MannKota Inc, Praiseworthy, Rush Skatepark, Tortoise Pads
Ayrton Victor
Bartek SzczygielUnit 2c skatepark
Bartek Szczygielunit 2c skate park
Braden LyonsGOSK8 ireland
Brandon C JohnRampituk
Callum Goldsmith
Callum Marcroft
Callum McHenry
Cameron Headly
Carter HughesSNS
Declan Pendlebury
Devon LowGrit Scooters
Dustin Weezle
Elijah Howard
Emmen Hall
Finn Credland
Finn CredlandUnit 2c skatepark
Frankie Swale
Harry Mahoney
Harry Pope
Harvey Horton-Davies
Jack RadfordPraiseworthy & Dare Sports co
James Gellatly ScootnSkates
James Nicholosn
James Nicholson
James ThomasonPhoenix Flow, Pro xtreme
Jamie Richards
Joe DavidsonBlazer pro / Skates
Jordan Bowen
Josh Lawrinson
Kai LaughtonSnS / Rampituk / Praiseworthy
Kane Samuel
Keiran-jordan powell
Kenan Jones
Kian Marsden
Kian NytheDominator
Kieran Lei
Lee Lightwood
Leon Dummett Novark crew
Leon FryerUnit 2c Skatepark
Lewin Charles
Lewin Charles
Liam Griffiths
Liam Morrod
Liam NytheDominator
Luke Knight
Malachy VernerScootnskates
Marcus Dickinson
Mark PereiraUnit1parkworks
Mathias Jensen
Mauro PereiraUnit 1 park works
Milo Bristow
Morgan CoullDogg, RampitUK, praiseworthy
Nathanael WestCrisp Scooters
Nicolas Moray
Oisin Grassickgosk8
Oliver RobinsonUnit 1 Park Works
Oscar SladeBlazer Pro
Owen Phillips
Paddy Molloy
Regan WedgbrowBlazer Pro
Ricky Novark
Sackson MannionGOSK8 ireland\RADSK8
Sam Peake
Sam Ritchie
Shaun KerryDominator
Stanley Jones
Steven Mcmahon
Tom NiebieszczanskiUnit 1 Park Works
Tom WheatleyDogg scooters & elite scooters
Tristan AndermanAO Scooters
Tyler Kercher
Tyler Lawson
Vinnie Whitney
William Blackburn

Register here.

Buy Tickets

You can buy tickets in advance for Dialed to beat the queues on the day. You will be emailed an electronic copy of your ticket, either print this out and bring it with you on the day or just show us the ticket on your phone so we can scan the barcode at the skatepark!

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